The kids in town know to be careful around Travis Lake. That’s where she lives. Run afoul of her, and she’ll get you. No one is really sure who (or what) she is, but whatever it is isn’t good.

There are stories around town, sightings of this mysterious figure in the dark depths of Travis Lake. Descriptions of her have remained remarkably consistent over the years. Parents and grandparents all remember hearing about billowing red hair, bright blue eyes, and skin so pale it almost glows in the moonlight. Old Mr. Dunlap claims that she tried to drown him one night. Apparently he was paddling his little boat around when he heard a loud thud, like a fist beating on the wooden bottom of it. He says she then snatched the oar out of hand (in the weeks following the incident, that’s the part of the story where he held up his palm and showed the kids gathered around his old rocking chair on the porch his palm full of splinters) and swam back into the depths that she came from.

They say that her song is powerful, luring you into the depths against your will. No matter who you are, they say that no one can resist swimming to her once they hear her sing. Those who claim to have heard her say she sings of a profound sadness so deep that it could kill you just by hearing about it.

There is one person in town who knows differently about her, though she’d never say so. Miss Helen (who lives down on the end of Christopher Street) is always quiet when the topic of conversation turns to Her. She knows what they say about her, her vengeful ways and great beauty. The two of them sometimes talk about it over tea. Miss Helen knows of her beauty, she has seen it first hand, though her eyes are definitely more green than blue. She also knows that she has a name that isn’t “her”, but Maris. The week that Mr. Dunlap was spreading his tale around town, Miss Helen visited Maris as usual.

“What were you thinking?” Miss Helen asked.

“Damn fool had a flashlight in my eyes. I was half-blind from it and so I ran straight into the bottom of the boat,” Maris told her, rolling her eyes.

“Please be more careful,” Miss Helen said, kissing Maris on the forehead. Maris just smiled and leaned into the kiss.

It was really an accident how they met. Maris saved Miss Helen from drowning in the lake once after she took an ill-advised walk alone at night on the shore. A friendship was born that blossomed into something more later on. After that, Miss Helen visited Maris at least once a week on that same patch of lakeshore, picnic basket in hand.

Miss Helen has known that Maris’s song isn’t about a sadness of now, but one to come. Maris has watched Miss Helen grow older and older over the years while her hair kept its red sheen and her skin remained wrinkle-free. When Miss Helen dies, childless and unmarried by all, Maris weeps for her. The is a foot higher than it’s been in past years, even in the middle of a drought.

As per her last request, Miss Helen’s ashes are scattered over Lake Travis.


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