You fell in love with green.

You found the green in yourself early on and embraced it, sought it out.

The deep green of the outer rings of your hazel eyes and

the indistinct green of the veins under the skin of your wrists and

the faded green of the old dishtowel your father used to wipe your face clean of the blood dripping from your nose onto the kitchen stool.

You always looked good in green.

Not the ephemeral green of storefront neon and Christmas string lights

Your green was sturdier, mature.

Yours was the green of the forest.

Your green was built to last.

Until it didn’t.

Did anyone hear you as you fell?

Did you bother to let anyone know?

Did anyone mourn your loss?

You did.

You watched as the green you once embraced became a stranger to you.

Fading into yellow and brown.

It’s a shame;

You look terrible in yellow.

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